PHP Form Wizard

For fast generating of web applications.

PHP - FormWizard II (version: 2 ), for fast generating of web applications.

This version program is FREEWARE

It is a program, which simplifies creating of HTML/PHP forms in PHP language for web applications. With this tool a developer can create quickly and easily a form in PHP language for their web application. Application supports data validating entered into a form, which can include a big number of data elements. With these data elements in a form, a default value can be set and an option whether given element should be validated or not. Variables are transmitted to server after sending a form through POST method.

This table shows variety of elememts with a validate option.
Form element variety Validate as
  • String
  • Integer Number
  • Float Number
  • WWW - URL location
  • E-mail
  • Phone number
  • Boolean
  • IP Adress
  • String
  • TextArea
  • String
  • CheckBox
  • Boolean
  • Radio
  • Boolean

  • When you fill out the form and name, it is also optional to set graphics of the form; such as background color, text size, font and form alignment. It is also possible to setup behaviour of the page after the form is sent; the page can be either closed or redirected. It is also possible to setup returning of messages into a form JavaScript Alert or Html text. After complete setup of given values into a form and after pressing the button "GENERATE", PHP script is generated and saved to a file of your choosing. Together with the script, a file named "function.php" is saved to the same folder and it contains validating functions, that PHP script doesn't support. With a bigger family of scripts, a developer can set up a shared space for source of validating functions by editing a line include "function.php".

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